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People often associate gold with the Sun. The reason for this is first of all its color.

You know an interesting fact I've found: medieval Europe alchemists put much efforts to turn another metals into gold. For instance, they experimented with mercury.

Some of the alchemists were charlatans. They used different tricks to make people believe that they succeeded in the art of turning other metals into gold. But some of them really believed that it was possible to turn mercury into gold. How great and easy t would be!

The ancient alchemists called gold "Rex metallorum" - the king of metals. The gold has been considered one of the most expensive metals.
Gold is softer than silver but firmer than tin. Just imagine - a piece of gold equal in size with a matchbox weighs more than half of a kg!

Divine Gleam

At all times gold was taken as king of metals symbolizing not just wealth but grandeur, perfection, superiority, wisdom and power. One of the ancient people on the Earth - Aztecs thought gold to be their talisman that reflected divine power from the Sun. Aztecs believed that the tribe leader was The God of the Sun. During big holidays he had to meet his father who was the rising sun.

In order his son shine as his father did, the tribe's leader was rubbed over with oil and powdered.
He officiated offering up sacrifices. He threw golden things in a lake.

The same way ancient Egyptians divinified gold. They made it an official material to create jewelry pieces and different necessary objects for pharaohs.

Today people find gold as they did it thousands years ago. The principle of gold mining has almost remained the same. But it's difficult to find a nugget that can weigh several dozens kg. Just imagine, they found a nugget in Australia not far from Sydney, with 90 kg of pure gold!!!

Simple metal

Archeological sources say that gold was one of the first metals to use by mankind. In ancient times people didn’t take gold as precious metal because in comparison with other metals it was easier to find and work with.
It becomes clear why then they made weapons and household items from gold. Only separate parts of them were made of iron. They freely used gold and tried saving iron.

But later it became especially precious metal and acquired the title "noble metal". It has preserved that name.
So, people still can't stop admiring beauty of marvelous jewels made of gold!

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