This process means that there can be a lot of variation in the finish of the <a title=" Pandora Charms" href="">Pandora Charms</a>, especially in the muranos, which are completely hand-made and not just hand-finished; they can differ in size, pattern and even colour. Personally, I’ve always liked this, as it makes a charm feel a bit more yours and suggests the high level of individual craftsmanship that goes into each piece. However, I do like to go and pick mine out in person, just to make sure that I’m happy with the one I’ve chosen!
Watch it happen! <a title="Nike Air Presto Green" href="">Nike Air Presto Green</a>
<a title="Pandora UK" href="">Pandora UK</a> just released a set of pretty cool new videos detailing how they create their charms. This first one represents the creation of a Vintage Lace charm. It starts with the design process in Copenhagen, and then takes us through the process of actually creating and finishing the charm!
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