by on 3 January, 2019

But with the newest upgrade for the game now out, it's many wondering if the Fortnite Guided Missile is indeed back for good. We are going to fortnite items answer this question and a lot more in this quick FAQ regarding the highly beloved rocket launcher.

Removed by Epic Games a couple of months ago and put into the "Vault" for an indefinite period of time, enthusiasts of the launcher were uncertain if it would ever make a return. We can, sadly, let you know that it is still back in the Battle Royale part of this game just yet.

Although the Fortnite Guided Missile could very well be the primary weapon to make a successful return from the Vault, it's yet to occur. Instead, players might be seeing footage of this newly released Quad Launcher which did come out with the best price for fortnite items latest update for the sport. The Quad Launcher is a new rocket launcher for players to use.

Sad to say, the Quad Launcher isn't any true successor or perhaps temporary replacement for the Fortnite Guided Missile Launcher. This is simply because, for you, it's just relegated to the rescue the World PvE aspect of the huge game. That means that gamers that haven't purchased the complete game can not appreciate its strong four rockets at once in Battle Royale against other players for now.

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