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On the other hand, you also need to remember there is a blue code of osrs gold silence, when the bad guys and their misdeeds are being covered up by the guys, it makes you question if there are any good guys at all. In 2011 Florida State Trooper Donna Jane Watts, had the audacity to pull over a fellow officer who was speeding at 120 mph with no lights on. Following an investigation the speeding officer was determined to be a serial offender and was let go for putting people lives in danger at an excessive speed when he wasn responding to an emergency.


I have a nifty little USB thumbdrive that I want to use to make backups of various documents; it will live on the powered hub in my office, as I'll only need to use it in the office. It's something of a pain to unplug and re insert every day, or every time I need to leave the desk with my laptop.

Fundamentally, all skills feed into combat as the end goal with a few exceptions in what are generally considered the weaker skills, such as Agility and Construction. Like, woodcutting is to produce logs. Logs are for firemaking which is for cooking which is to heal HP for combat, or for fletching to create weaponry. Farming is primarily for herblore, which primarily is for boosting combat effectiveness (and secondarily for boosting other stats which ultimately feed into combat).

I don't think I know enough about Ben Shapiro's views to defend any of their claims. They discussed pretty nuanced stuff, not like how does he feel about religion/socialism/libertarians something more broad. Some points I don't agree with Ben, but the og comment called all right wingers holocaust deniers, which I am not. Don't particularly feel like going down that rabbit hole, but a quick one liner to some CUNt on the internet is easy. Good thing I don't need your approval to know how I feel about myself. 2 points submitted 10 days ago

Here is my problem with this. Since I have watched Kenny (I unfortunately could not watch last nights game yet), he seems to put more effort especially in pressing up field than his counterparts on the team. Another thing that some one said is that he only has one more assist than bertone, etc. I think that is more an indictment of the finishing than his play.

Paul Farhi: I've gotten a fair amount of email about that comment, most taking your side. And my answer has been some version of the following: Why does the "true" nature of the story make any difference at all? It's a MOVIE, which means someone had to decide to make this story and not a billion other stories. Why did they choose this story? What themes did they WANT to highlight? Why did they script it, cast it, costume it, light it, edit it, etc. in the way they did? Because, like all movies, they wanted to highlight certain themes and messages. Now, go ahead and ask yourself what those themes and messages are, and you'll understand my comment.

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