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For the (imo) best sniper, go to Old South, use map to teleport to the portal in the rs07 gold north west area, walk south along the western edge and you will find some purple robot guys that drop only the sniper. They are tough and CAN one shot you, so make sure to strafe shoot them. Once you kill them, re teleport to that same portal and they respawn again. You can farm this till you get a legendary with good stats. Then you can look up a guide to upgrade it. For whatever reason, the accessory trait, reduce detectability while crouching will remove all sway while aimed down sights, be on the lookout for that.


Instead of trusting us to make wise decisions with our own money, [Democrats] passed the largest government spending bill in history with a price tag of more than $1 trillion with interest. While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending."

2. if a court says it is your stuff anyway, which they might, we are in a world where we all have property. fine. now the problem is that free disposal of property is not always allowed. yes, generally, i can sell things that belong to me except when that sale creates a problem for others. when ohio coal electricity plants sell electyricty, that creates a problem for people trying to fish in the adirondacks. acid rain. and when people go to sell things in an online game, that creates problems for others. imagine if youre playing monopoly and somebody sells boardwalk to a third player for $US50. that messes up my game play, even though i wasn't in the transaction at all

497 points submitted 1 day agoExactly. You guys remember that stupid lore breaking crypt scene in which wights (the youngest being 15+ years old, so skeletons) somehow broke out of stone tombs and started attacking the civilians in the crypts purely for shock value and to subvert expectations of the crypts being Not a single one of these unarmed, unarmoured non fighter main characters in the crypts when this happens dies.

Lin Duskpaw grew up on a yak ranch in Kun lai. Eventually the Trial of Red Blossoms rolls around and she joins the Shado pan, the Omnia specifically. She worked in the archives primarily, perusing what she could in her downtime. She eventually came across scrolls that connected the Mantid to the Sha, and that the Mantid harnessed powers similar to that of the Sha. She began to experiment with those powers, eventually getting caught and needing to flee to the Dread Wastes indefinitely. By the time MoP rolled around, she would see unfamiliar races in the wastes, and come to find a breach in the Serpent Spine where the mantid flooded through. She used that as cover to escape, realizing the new races had to come from somewhere, eventually making it to Lion Landing she fled to the Eastern Kingdoms, eventually coming across the Darkmoon Faire, she found refuge there working as a fortune teller, reading tarot cards. Nowadays she uses the offseason to continue her research in to the Void and just anything magical or alchemical in general. Most recently she found an abandoned Drust wicker pup in a basement in Corlain, adopting it as a companion. 5 points submitted 2 days ago

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