by on 11 October, 2019

The Buccaneer Explorer allows players to participate with overpowering charged attacks in thrilling combat with Maplestory M Mesos.

This update also brings link abilities and secondary weapons to MapleStory M. Link skills grant players the ability to teach characters on the same server a distinctive ability.

Nexon hosted the annual MapleStory Fest for fans of the MMORPG franchise. During the event, more than 500 fans came together to check out future upgrades for both MapleStory and MapleStory two as well as meet the programmers of this game and listen to their stories.

The sold-out show entertained attending lovers with a live concert in addition to different activities including a cosplay contest. More to the point, this event gave programmers of MapleStory the chance to celebrate the match 14th anniversary by sharing their favorite memories about working on the match. The June 12th update which adds Pathfinder, the first new character to be released after the Black Mage update was also mimicked by the programmers.

Additionally, the team shared news about MapleStory M's May 30th upgrade where gamers can get a new course, Striker, who is a master of battle and utilizes bare-handed martial art skills in conflict. Additionally, the update introduces Eye of Lapenta, a narrative that includes ascendent equipment and dungeons. This update also raises the level cap to 70 and activated Rank 2 abilities for many jobs.In case you missed it, check out our overview of this game where we speak about its solid gameplay execution.

Reaching level 50 and having a equipment score can end up being a challenging effort in MapleStory M. This proves particularly true when you wish to go into hard dungeons immediately with cheap Maplestory M Mesos. As such, players will need to be reminded that patience is indeed a virtue.

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