by on 12 October, 2019

The aloft video has an accomplished breakdown of what's coming, but you can aswell apprehend the complete application addendum on World of Warcraft's official website.

The acceptable annual is that abiding players will not acquire to Buy WOW Classic Gold anguish about communicable up afore they can jump into Rise of Azshara's new zones. As continued as you're affiliated 120 and acquire World Quests unlocked, you'll accept a adventitious aloft logging in that'll get you started on the new 8.2 story.

First you'll arch to the once-underwater breadth of Nazjatar, the home of  MMOBC the new Azshara's Eternal Palace arrest (that will not accessible for a few weeks), a agglomeration of new quests, and some air-conditioned new systems like the adeptness to adeptness new armor sets with zone-specific bonuses. Afterwards that you'll arch to the island of Mechagon, breadth half-robotic gnomes are affronted a civilian war. Actuality you can acquisition assets to adeptness your own customizable bagatelle or actualize accessories that'll advice you bigger analyze the island. Mechagon is aswell home to a new Mythic-difficulty mega-dungeon alleged Operation: Mechagon, that has a whopping eight bosses.

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