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Dungeon Fighter and MapleStory are both more than ten years old, but they keep growing in both gamers and earnings. Dungeon Fighter Online, known as Dungeon & Fighter in South Korea, continues to engage players in China, while buy Maple Mobile Mesos  showed particular strength in South Korea, where it grew 61 percent in the quarter compared to a year before.

"Nexon's second quarter actually showcases the company's power in live game and services operations as it supports our version," said Owen Mahoney, CEO of Nexon.

Nexon took Overhit, its strike, also started the game using customizations from Japan. That resulted in a favorable response, Mahoney said. And Darkness Rises, Nexon activity role-playing sport, has been downloaded more than 10 million times in its first few weeks. MapleStory M, a mobile game, additionally launched in 140 nations.

Looking Nexon will be launch game services such as the how to make maplestory m mesos   in the West, Overhit on a global basis, and also the recently declared Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed in Japan.

PC revenues exceeded Nexon's prognosis from the quarter, driven by strong performance of MapleStory in Korea, while mobile revenues were under the organization's outlook. Operating income was $144 million anticipated in part as a result of acquisitions of NAT Games. Costs were expected.

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