by on 7 November, 2019

Strict_Mastodon took to the Reddit arrangement “Not the A-hole” to explain her situation.“One of my acceptable accompany is accepting affiliated in August and she chose me to be one of her,” she wrote. “She alleged me up about three weeks ago and asked me if I could do her a favor and abrasion a wig to her wedding. She explained that she capital all of her bridesmaids to bout and that she capital us all to accessory acceptable in the pictures.”

Unfortunately for the bride, Strict_Mastodon wasn’t too agog on the idea. “I told her I absolutely didn’t wish to get a wig, and we’ve been on bad agreement anytime since Plus Size Wedding Dresses.”According to the poster, the bride's added accompany don’t see what the big accord is, since, as they acicular out, a wig isn’t permanent, and she hadn’t been asked to change her absolute hair.

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