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In following of aesthetically adorable photos and a tidy recessional, couples about accept the aforementioned amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen. But assorted humans in the alliance industry told me that while groomsman numbers are growing, too, it’s adequate Wedding Dresses—and appropriately brides—who are abaft the ballooning accessory numbers. For heterosexual weddings, the helpmate about consistently acreage on her amount first, and that amount is usually academy than her partner’s, says Gwen Helbush, a longtime alliance artist based in San Francisco: “Grooms end up award abundant guys they feel accept about to add to whatever amount she’s got.” (If none are available, well, there are consistently sites like Added couples accept to be band up the genders of their attendants, too—male accompany of the helpmate ability angle on her side, changeable accompany of the benedict on his. In a same-sex wedding, Helbush told me, anniversary ancillary of the alliance affair is abnormally adequate to be coed.

It’s not like brides are recruiting added bridesmaids to do annihilation in particular. In what was adequate the aboriginal abundance of the tradition, age-old Roman law adapted 10 witnesses—generally 5 accompany of the helpmate and 5 accompany of the groom—to be present for the alliance ceremony. The associates would dress just like the helpmate and groom, to abstract and addle affronted alcohol absorbed on alienated the blessed couple, Keene says. If the bridesmaids of age-old Rome didn’t appearance their hair correctly, or wore the amiss blush, they ability comparatively abash the “spirits,” accusatory the helpmate to a lifetime of unhappiness. No such grave responsibilities affliction the modern-day American bridesmaid. Instead, her primary assignment ability be agreement a pre-bachelorette adjustment on Etsy for an array of penis-shaped straws and abandoned albino flutes.

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