by on 8 November, 2019

You can play The Elder Scrolls Online for free until Wednesday. Bethesda is hosting a free game event in its huge MMO, which allows you to use the full base game of the week.

The freeroll event started yesterday and lasted until November 13th, 10 am Eastern Standard Time / 3 pm GMT. If you have ever played any freerolls, your character and progress will continue into this event, but if you create a new ESO account, you will get 500 ESO Gold , which you can spend in the in-game store. It is a nice little reward.

Bethesda said the event gives you access to four introductory classes: Nightblade, Templar, Dragon Knight, and Wizard. You will be able to explore 23 areas while pursuing the main storyline of the game and the “Mage Guild” and “Warrior Guild” missions.

To get started, go to the event page and select your platform, then follow the instructions to download The Elder Scrolls Online client. If you have never played before, it is worth a try. After the tough first year, The Elder Scrolls Online has found a foothold and is one of the best MMOs out there. Although you will find it difficult to start playing, you can Buy ESO Gold to purchase equipment to make you stronger, and the game will be much easier.


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