by on 9 November, 2019

On Thursday, Jagex confirmed that a member of the Old School Runescape team was disregarded. While the group member's name was not revealed, signs point to Mod Jed's dismissal with RuneScape gold. The information comes three days after the Twitter accounts of OSRS Mod Jed was shut down.

Mod Jed was in the center. The mod was accused of using his position with Jagex to affect ROT, the PvP clan by which Mod Jed has been correlated. Here's the official notice posted by Jagex:"We confirm that a Member of The Old School Team was dismissed from job at Jagex subsequent gross misuse of moderator privileges.

During our rigorous routine procedure tests, irregular activity was identified on small amount of accounts, for example, movement of riches and objects back into the live game.Following our evaluation, we could resolve the problem before any significant impact was made into the wider match, or market. We have also taken steps to return GP and items to some accounts that were affected. Whilst we generally don't return items or gold, we feel that given this unusual situation, we wanted to ensure no players dropped out into the rogue actions of a member of staff.

We're actively working together with the Police regarding the episode to buy OSRS gold, but provided this ongoing legal matter we're unable to provide further details.We pride ourselves on the fire and integrity of the JMods that operate for Jagex and we hold them to the greatest standards. Old School is at its greatest and most powerful since launch, but we have much to do, not least a launching which each day gets nearer. Newsweek has reached out to Jagex to affirm the identity of the staff member that was dismissed. We will update this article as more is learned.

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