by on 11 November, 2019

The developer studio Grinding Gear Games has been providing gamers with new content for Path of Exile for many years. To properly celebrate the community and games, this year is the first time GGG's performance ExileCon. If you can't play in Auckland on November 16th, there will be a live show that will play most of the content. Not only is it related to the upcoming Update 3.9 Alliance, but it is also related to Update 4.0, which has been around for a long time, but it may not be released until September 2020.

Once the countdown of pathofexile.com is over, a preview begins, where well-known ribbons will revolve around the fair and guess what the Mega 4.0 expansion might bring. After this preview, important presentations began with the developers of the "Path of Exile". In addition to some announcements about the game, there will be long-awaited 4.0 update revelations. This update does not include content about POE Currency , and players can still handle it as before.

After that, the streamer will be displayed again so that the viewer can see their reaction and check which vote is in favor. The developers will then join them and answer the extension questions. A game demo of 4.0 will also be available. After the host has discussed the one-hour presentation, you will see this and the developer will answer all upcoming questions.

Once the gameplay impression is over, it will have a detailed understanding of the upcoming 3.9 updates on the live stream. Developers will reveal many details about the league, mechanics and new skills. Similar detailed insights will be provided after 4.0, with more details than the introduction at the beginning of the fair.

Even with all of this content, the streaming content will be added for another two hours, and the next day will bring seven hours of extra content, which will end in the final of the ExileCon competition, in which the best player will Win Path of Exile Currency and prizes. More details about these dates should be made in the days before ExileCon.


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