by on 4 December, 2019

This is the principal reason they are FIFA Coins taking this much time as they are making more things and rolls.I am only tired of those firms.I've played fifa especially UT for 6 decades. 19 was only meh.... I felt just like cards that were amazing came to quick and god squads were popular before Christmas.

I had the capability of building a god squad. From trading with the fut champs rewards using sbcs and IFs, I had over 10mil before Christmas. But I lost interest. Gameplay was stale and repetitive. Unique technical skills seemed obsolete than ever. After almost 9 months out of the scene I'm ready to fall in love again. I don't want to get hurt. Tell what's fascinating and new this year and you believe I could enjoy myself.

Are you guys with no trouble continuing in Tokyo in story mode? I am also thinking that FIFA should just place the controllers for FIFA Street on Volta. There are skills for dribbling ago and about players in FIFA Street than in regular cheap FIFA Mobile Coins games. So it is kind of dumb to simply have these"skillers" not be able to do amazing skills, right? What is this bull they're pulling on us again?

I look at the replay and it literally reveals me and another planning one way and passing. With shooting same thing. This year, we need to have about such problems on them. Anyone which has an opportunity to play with beta and give feedback, please ask FIFA to make manner better. I should be able to make a goal when I am close/have no more pressure/no goalie. It should not be much to ask. Have not played regular kick off however, hopefully the game's flow is better.

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