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Starting an in home daycare facility is much more difficult than it may sound. It is not as simple as inviting your relative's children into your home to be cared for for the day, and much work needs to be done before a day care facility like this can be started. It is important to note that we are neither business consultants nor lawyers. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as business or legal advice. We will share with you bases you should cover in order to start an in home day care.

Get Certifications

Parents are more willing to leave their children with people who are certified in child care management and first aid. Many local community colleges offer simple, inexpensive programs to help you with these certifications. Teaching certifications for early childhood education may also be a plus.


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Check Federal, State, and Local Legalese

Depending on where you live, the requirements to start an in home daycare business will vary.  Some states may require the certifications we mentioned above, while others may allow them to be optional. Make sure you thoroughly check the regulations both for setting up the business for operation and establishing yourself as a legal business entity for tax and payroll purposes. Make sure to gather all safety, medical, and other paperwork you will need to give to parents who are enrolling their children.

Setup the Area in Your Home

Choose an area of your home to decorate and furnish as the day care. Gather toys, educational videos, and other care necessities you plan to offer your clients. Consider all the legal requirements, safety issues, what you have on hand, and the space available.

Setup your Office Area

You will need an area to keep track of all your necessary paperwork that you need to have on hand for all your children, to track business expenses and income. Getting this started up before opening business will make it easier to keep you organized.

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Determine the Services You Offer and Pricing

Will you offer overnight care? Will you offer second and third shift care? Will you offer weekend care? What about after school care? What are the minimum and maximum ages you will accept into your daycare? What payment types and arrangements are you willing to accept? Will you provide snacks or meals? What sort of paperwork will the parents sign?

Start Advertising and Gather Client Base

Now that you're legally ready and your home is ready to start enrolling children, start advertising. Depending on the regulations, you may only have a small number of slots available, so you'll have to work with parents based on what you can provide and what they need to fill all your slots. Advertise accordingly when slots become available.

Open for Business

Once a child or children are enrolled, open for business accordingly, and enjoy your in home daycare business!





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