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Place this bag in the cooler along with the fish if there is space. You can use heat or ice packs according to the situation.Step 1: Transporting your fishAlthough you should do all this the last minute before moving house, you will need to be prepared with the right containers. Aquarium plants can survive a fair amount of time if their roots are kept wet. Remember never to lift the aquarium from the side walls but always from the base.

If you happen to have a battery operated air pump you could pump in air for 10 minutes or so inside each bag and then reseal it.Step 2 – Moving the aquarium equipmentThe filtration system of an aquarium is probably the second biggest issue. If you envisage a long trip (lasting more than 6 hours) you should feed the fish less for a couple of days prior to the move – this will minimize their excretion and hence the water in the bags remains cleaner for longer.

Try to segregate fish by their species and ensure that every bag has sufficient water for the entire fish to be comfortably immersed even when the container gets slightly tilted.. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the water inside the bag to reach the same temperature as that of the new water in the aquarium and then gently unseal the bag and allow the fish to swim out.Step 4 - UnpackingAs soon as you get to your destination, reassemble your tank without delay.

Moving an aquarium involves quite a bit of work, and as a rule of thumb, the larger the fish tank, and the more fish inside it, the more work it will involve. So remove the media from your filter and place it in its own bag with water from the aquarium. However if you plan a long move (more than a day), discard the water completely.Careful planning is the key to success in moving an aquarium. Beneficial bacteria begin to die soon after oxygenized water is removed.Disassemble your tank and place your aquarium plants in bags with some water. So if you can, try to donate some of the fish before moving, especially if you have shoals of identical fish.Ideally these bags should be placed in a thermal isolator such as a picnic cooler or a cooler bag.The best Acrylic Swimming Pool way to return the fish into the aquarium is to actually place them still inside their sealed bags

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