by on 16 January, 2020

I really tried to get in contact with them. The art is original, no copy/paste. If they truly  cheap OSRS gold have an issue with it, they could reach out to me.I would rather give the community the choice, even if it is"third party". Jagex never came through and made a promise, so I did. I made sure they are high quality and attempted to price them reasonably, and I have made a couple for myself to make certain I stand behind everything I sell. Maybe I will find a lot of hate for this, but there is always some people that might enjoy them so it's well worth it.

Be cautious man, Jagex isn't an honorable business. However, you have my support.When did they create the guarantee? Not being critical but only curious since I just remember them saying they would reach out into the person who originally made the concept art for them a year or so back.You're right. This type of thing should not take over a year. I have a few ideas why they stopped to do it on it.This seems to be an utter win. I truly respect the steps you take to ensure you have a item that is great. I'm sold, and just the fact that the artwork is first should protec you out of Jamflex's wrath.

I said this before but personally, I really like the colours and could wear something like this mountain biking or skating. I have not played rs since 2014 but Bluemoon Inn shirt they did last year (Or the year before) was fantastic because it looks like a standard crew neck and my nerdy buds understand what's up. It had been my gift that year I got. If you dropped the logos or produced them discretionary I would be interested.I such as the off white and orange stripes of the construction cape one and the dark grey / cyan of the mining one. Those are my favs but I would also have a look at that other thread which people said they had been interested in these. My fav are the HP though, the glowing white / dark reddish sleeves as I am can you buy money on old school runescape huge red wings fan and the overlap would be cool.

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