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For PC gamers, I suppose modders can assist with this issue of Club name. But overall, FUT Coins should now allow editing of unlicensed features of the game.Even though people want realism from the game, in the end of the day its a video game to meet one's footballing fantasies - so why not give them the ability to change whatever they could alter? If I cover my money knowing I have unlicensed stuff, but with it to change then why not. If PES has survived and marginally thrived with this thought, why not EA update some of the items it used to do before before it became the licensing Behemoth.Kudos to Konami for return at EA for shedding the UEFA competition rights. Likely EA never saw this - or chose to dismiss it as consistently if they saw.

Does this mean that the players will probably have generic names ? I have no interest in starting a career in Italy, I can just about get around them having a generic name in the champions league, but having the best player in the game as a generic Regen kind will be awful.Although, which all being said, a couple of years back PES had Barcelona on their cover, the only changes were the we missing the Nou Camp and EA, out of spite docked Messi a couple of OVR points.o, it'll be exactly the same as Boca Juniors' situation from FIFA19. Each of the players will be there because of the FIFAPro license. No kits, group, crest or arena name.

I've been playing FIFA games since'01. Playing and buying with them come out. It's been great annually, and while everyone has been nitpicking CM, etc., gameplay. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing every year since I know it's just a video game and the whole point of playing video games for me is to have a break from the real world and leap into a world of dream. I could become a pro football player and work my way up to a top club or be the manager of a small club in England and take them up into the premier league and eventually become the best club in Europe.

For the first time ever, theu were likely to be in a FIFA match and that I eventually to buy FIFA Mobile Coins went to have the ability to do a'Rags' with them. That's not enough to keep my relationship with FIFA though.It is no longer a complete game for me, therefore no longer worth buying it. How could I play? I have dealt with imitation players/teams in Brazil and also the funniest leagues, the exact same stupid generic faces several REAL players from the game, fake stadiums of big clubs, and stupid defects in gameplay for years with no complaint because regardless of the I was able to utilize any leading team online, against my friends when they come over and I managed to compete with them in CM. I am regrettably no more able to.


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