Nick Aniston
by on 2 March, 2020

Social media is becoming more beneficial to people today. Instagram is certainly one of those programs. Everyone is utilizing Instagram frequently in order to upload about small moments of their lives, allowing them to capture even those tiny lovely details, all in the of either photographs or videos, through the Instagram stories. One disadvantage of Instagram stories, though, is that they no longer ultimately become invisible immediately after 24 hours. In case the time comes when you wish to revisit the memory you published, you will not find them.

Download Instagram Stories you Created for the Day
Just one story video could be saved for the Instagram stories you created for the entire day. Meaning, to utilize them in the future, you need to play the entire video mainly because all stories are saved as one file. So you will have to see all of the day's clips. This might take the time to watch but still a lot better than possessing no copy. After all when it correctly saves you can play the video anytime. Discussed below is the guide about how to have a duplicate of a video of your stories available via
To begin saving the entire single day story on Instagram, first, find the "Your Story" icon. This is a button situated at the upper left corner of your feed. After that, at the open story page, just click there is another key containing 3 small dots, just click this button to find a "More" option. Then, pick "Save" and then tap the "Save Story" option. Downloading a video may need you a bit more patience because it requires a longer time to be saved. You need to have the downloaded video on the Camera Roll now.
Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip
You may try this next trick if you do not like the above procedure shared. Clips or photos can be saved or downloaded as a separate Instagram story. It’s virtually a similar procedure as above, but rather than pick “Save Story” you will rather go for the “Save Video” option. This is recommended if you have one particular image or video that you want to preserve, but you are not necessarily concerned about the whole Story. After tapping the “Save Video” option, the video should be found on your Photos or Camera Roll. Look for it.
Make use of Somebody Else Account to Download Instagram Stories 
We do not care whatever your own reasons are for downloading Instagram stories making use of other accounts. The procedure involved is simple to follow, just simply make use of third party sites. These websites have the same purpose and mechanics. You only have to pick the site that you are comfy using.

Here’s How To Download Using A Third Party Website
First, copy either the username or profile link. Different sites have different requirements, so you’d better check which they need before you get started. You may then, scroll down the listing of clips accessible for download. You will soon be completed immediately after clicking on the “Save” option. Just simply opt for a destination and hit “save” once again.

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