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I performed 939+ Hrs of  The Division 2 Credits . This match, however, I'm being very cautious because this seems like a"been there, done that" match even though the place is different. Maybe I am just burnt out on looter shooters, but I don't expect Massive so far as I could throw them (and I should not throw folks with my knee!) . This is NOT a day one buy. It is a wait-for-a-few-months and determine how the game is received by both fans and critics and how much there actually is to do both in-game and finish game. This goes for the sport as a whole, not just as this is a cineamatic narrative trailer, either...

You do know every video game is similar to that? Have one soul goal and keep doing it repeatedly. Like, by way of example, fortniteexactly the same thing every match, you kill, you loot and you also win some or lose some matches. The Division get fight people and better loot with the DZ over and over again. You just have to find the right game for you to keep this beverage cycle and if you don't like doing things over and over again afterward sorry bud but video games may not be meant for you personally.

America collapses due to a virus and now there are bad guys that want to kill people for no reason other than they wish to see the planet burn? Why is there no story about why these"factions" exists? What are they fighting for? It is just as much their country as ours, it is not like that can be an invasion or takes over from different countries were fighting against to maintain our property. That is a very lazy story, and also why wasn't the virus a larger deal in the game? It brought civilization to its knees and it's not a thing. . There is so much potential here but were stuck with no choice in this linear one-sided view of the world. Yeah killing people is quite bad and I'm sure theirs individuals who only want to kill and loot to endure, but don't show me a fighting force that's just trying to live like us without any motive.

With a helicopter overhead and cnn tv camera breaking down your door at 6 in the morning to confiscate your guns,and politians allowing physicians to kill babies after there created which is murder without fear of fees and jail,do you need 90% tax and do you women want to get paid or do you want to cover 3/4 of it in taxation and not able to cover child care or on such a very long goverment waiting list for child and health care that you don't ever get it? This is exactly what I believe would happen if the democrats get into electricity based on what the runners for 2020 presidency say..t The Division 2 Boosting   would be the result of this and thats a fact not fiction.


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