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One of the most interesting and unusual features of online games Neverwinter and Star Trek Online is official support for custom tasks. To this end, the game is built by the editor Foundry, allowing you to create unique adventures of any size and complexity. Although the wonderful adaptation of the two games has kept The Foundry alive with high-quality fan content and fully written tasks, Cryptic Studios has decided to stop the service. Despite being the platform for free player content, The Foundry is still running on the Cryptic Studios resource server, with maintenance and updates handled by developers.


In the biggest expansion of the free MMORPG set up in the Forgotten Country so far, the adventurer was summoned to the mysterious vision after the huge dungeon under Waterdeep City. Updates include an increase in the upper limit of 80, five new adventure zones in many caves under Waterdeep, a new social center in the Yawning Portal Tavern, a new Endgame Dungeon, a major overhaul of categories and Feats, an improved Boons system. , richer loot experience and more.


With the release of the update Undermountain for the MMORPG Neverwinter, the brave heroes will visit locations that are deep under the famous tavern Yawning Portal, located in the city of Waterdeep. This journey will be very dangerous and not all daredevils who have decided to descend into the dungeon will return from it, because there you will have to wait for many creatures that are as deadly as the disgusting ones. For more information, visit where you can buy cheap Neverwinter Zen. The cheapest Neverwinter Zen is waiting for you.


That is why the developers decided to introduce users in advance to some of these monsters, because then it may be too late. The first of these was Basilisk. This creature uses in battle the full potential of its teeth, tail and even crushing tramp, and he is able to forever turn sluggish characters into a stone statue. Ettercap is another nasty creature. It unexpectedly attacks its victim, deprives it of its ability to move with the help of the web, and then proceeds to a glorious dinner.


The shuffling hill is a large tuft of grass, able to blend in with the surrounding vegetation and using sharp spikes for attacking the vines and elongated limbs. Another representative of the local fauna is the Purple Worm. This huge and very dangerous monster jumps out of the ground next to his potential food and tries to swallow it whole.This decision was not made easily. Developer Cryptic Studios issued a statement saying it was for the best interests of fans. Given the limited resources, developers can't keep The Foundry running without sacrificing the quality of their content distribution and updates. Cryptic Studios will continue to support and publish content for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online, and despite the announcement of the impact of these content, these two games still have an exclusive and impressive player base.

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