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Shortly after Swedish studio Grin closed its doors during the past year, that it was revealed that this developer ended up secretly implementing a Final Fantasy project. Slated to be a sequel to 2006 title Final Fantasy XII, the project--codenamed Fortress--was an action RPG aimed at defending an immense, magical structure.

GameSpot dug into your FFXIV Gil game’s cancelation and unearthed new information about what it had been like focusing on the project and how it turned out structured. Be sure to read the highlights below:The Story Behind Fortress, the Final Fantasy Game That Never Was — The tale of how Grin signed on for that project, its tumultuous development, and cancellation.
The Canceled Final Fantasy XII Sequel: Narrative and Gameplay Revealed — An detailed explanation of Fortress’ design, including how it had been structured into seasons and what boss battles were like.
The Story of Fortress, the Canceled Final Fantasy XII Sequel — A beat-by-beat breakdown on the narrative as well as an intimate glance at the project’s storyboard.
Never-Before-Seen Artwork from your Canceled Final Fantasy, Fortress — An exclusive assortment of unreleased concept art. Furthermore, if you would like to buy FF14 Gil, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!

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