by on 22 May, 2020

Find the correct product positioning and practice the internal strength of the enterprise

At this exhibition, the Wholesale Polyester Color Yarns we exhibited are mainly in two categories, one is the Pima cotton series, which has good gloss and abrasion resistance after dyeing, and is also the ace product of Sanyang; the second is the enterprise Self-developed knitted fabrics, including water-soluble spinning, single mercerized and double mercerized knitted fabrics, to adapt to current fashion trends. Since Pima cotton is the main product, in the current Sino-US trade friction environment, the cost of raw materials naturally becomes a factor that companies have to consider. However, the Pima cotton series of Sanyang Textile is a processing trade product and is not subject to trade friction. Impact, at the same time, there are few domestic horse cotton products, which is good for us.

Sanyang Textile currently has 500,000 spindles and 10,000 air-jet spinning. The annual output of high-count cotton yarn is 40,000 tons, the output of strands is 15,000 tons, and the air-jet spinning is 8,000 tons. The development philosophy of “emphasizing equal emphasis, aiming at high-end, leading development” and adhering to the industrial development path of “combing fine spinning, making features, serving high-end, green and natural”. This is why Sanyang Textile has established a firm foothold in the market for many years.

Since the second half of this year, the industry has generally reflected the sluggish market and the pressure of enterprise survival. This phenomenon is caused by a combination of "internal worry" and "foreign trouble". The "internal cause" is the current relative overcapacity in the country, and the "foreign trouble" is caused by Sino-US trade friction, which eventually leads to the loss of orders and industrial transfer. In this regard, Sanyang adopts the principle of focusing on key customers and making profits not to allow the market, strictly controlling product quality, and practicing internal skills to make products of high quality, with full confidence in the development of the market.

Yarn exhibition, green products that are environmentally friendly and reused are the categories that domestic and foreign customers pay more attention to. The company's products are characterized by green environmental protection and innovation and development direction. This time, they mainly exhibited recycled polyester yarn series, sizing-free series yarn, and dyed yarn series. The products are mainly used in clothing and home textiles.


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