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In addition, a variety of skin diseases or skin injury scars, natural hair dysplasia, and chemical or physical cause serious damage to the hair follicles also can cause permanent hair loss.Allabout hair loss – Causes, impact and treatment options</u>Hair loss is a common condition thataffects a large number of people. Though it does not cause pain but it mayaffect you emotionally. Thankfully, scientists have devised effective treatmentoptions to treat hair loss. Read the article below to learn more about hairloss, its causes and treatment options.Causesof hair loss The leading cause of hair loss in men ismale pattern baldness - a condition in which hair is lost in a definite pattern.Hair begins to thin at the front and then on the top of the head. Gradually, abald patch develops in the middle of the scalp. Male pattern hair loss mayprogress to partial or complete baldness in men. Male sex hormone calledtestosterone is chiefly responsible for male pattern baldness. The hormone isconverted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an action of an enzyme called5-alpha reductase. In some men, DHT is formed in excess. When in excess, DHT shrinksthe size of hair follicles so that the growth of new hair is inhibited. Other causes of hair loss may includeexposure to radiation or harmful chemicals, excess stress, deficiency ofessential minerals like iron, underactive thyroid, fungal scalp infections, sideeffects of some prescription drugs and hereditary factors.Impacton personality due to hair lossMale pattern baldness progresses slowlyand is not associated with any physical discomfort.However, young men particularly feeldisturbed because of the condition.Typically, hair loss is a result of an imbalance of male testosterone hormone in the body. Instead of infusing the hair with healthy testosterone, enzymes break it down to a simpler form known as dihydrotestosterone. An excess of this hormone has the effect of decreasing the size of hair follicles which eventually break down and make your hair fall off sporadically. The medical condition that is best associated with hair loss in Andropause sufferers is hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a by-product of decreasing levels of Human Growth Hormone, which is responsible for regulating our aging process. Know more about real hair wigs , wigs uk and more, Please go to:

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