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There are various recipes you can find online which show you how to make your own hair care products. These are often better at treating any hair condition as you know exactly what is going into them, and they are completely natural so they are less likely to damage the hair.Overall, oily hair can be a pain and it can be hard to get rid of but there are shampoos out there to help you. You could also speak to your doctor about other alternatives such as the contraceptive pill if you are a woman.

Hair curlers are fun because they give your hair the life and volume it needs for you to feel fun and flirty. And, if you have normally thin hair, hot hair rollers can take your hair to flat to fabulous in just minutes. Don't like the thought of the old style hairsetters? No worries. Hair rollers have made a comeback with a few new versions that you'll love.Ceramic hot rollers are new type that I absolutely love. The addition of ceramic helps the roller emit even heat which results in even curls.

Another benefit is they radiate far-infrared energy for increased shine and longer lasting styles. Plus, it's better for you hair, by increasing moisture retention.Here are a few choice ceramic hot roller sets available now and at an affordable price:    BaByliss PRO Ceramic Roller 12 Hair Setter: This setter can give you a spiral curl or a flirty wave with its velvet-based rollers. It c

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omes with 12 jumbo curlers, 12 butterfly clips, and 12 metal pins. Like the Caruso, the BaByliss setter can be bought for about $50.

Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Wax Core Professional 20 Piece Hairsetter: This professional set uses wax-core technology along with the ceramic properties to give you perfect curls. It comes with 20 velvet-based curlers in three different sizes. It can be bought for a little less than $60.     BaByliss Pro Ceramic Instant Heat 30 Roller Hairsetter BABHS30S: This set helps you create soft, long-lasting curls. The rollers come in four different color-coded sets, each a different size.

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