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I will never play with Division 2 Boosting . That's not exactly what phones are for. They aren't designed for it. Phones themselves aren't designed with heat dissipation and such if it can be technically handled by the hardware. And while you can hook up a controller that is bluetooth it is still far from ideal. I won't play games that don't use a control, or KB+M. Is shit. Fuck games. My bum. That is not a match. It is a skinner box disguised as a how many assets did they borrow from skyrim and oblivion? Everything within this current gameplay presented here we've seen. The NPcs, The critters. everything.

When I see The Division 2 Boosting "freemium" money grab with my cherished series name slapped on it, I am saddened. I feel like a traitor to delete it. However, I see what it is. It is not amazing discovery the world, and narrative that we expect from the Elder Scrolls Blades. People today say"what did you really expect from a F2P mobile game" Exactly. By turning it in this freemium crap don't trash your brand. I'd rather pay full cost for a full fledged phone The Elder Scrolls Blades - no freemium currency, open world, no advertisements, and also for f*cks sake! , no timer partitions!! Disappointed. Eh. I will need to watch for the real The Elder Scrolls Blades release.It's much more like lalala I can not hear you hold up what exactly are you saying you would love to have that at The Elder Scrolls Blades while I wager there is a way we could force you to pay for it afterward hold up you don't wish to pay for it with real money la la la we can't hear you we're going to do it anyways. But thanks for reminding us of everything you would like us to put at The Elder Scrolls Blades.

You know what pisses me off the most with this one? Building timer with brief cuts (or being allowed a construction queue) was the only way certain webbrowser empire games could get some money without hugely fucking up the equilibrium in their game. . And today mobile games have just copy pasted it without any respect why and how these systems where originally used.In reality, this isn't a match with micro transactions worked in, virtually every one these kinds of micro-transactions are taken from other game types. It is literally micro-transactions using a game.


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