by on 17 May, 2019

Realm Royale is Paladins response to the Battle Royale phenomenon. If you have already played other titles of this genre, you more or less know what you are going to find, games in which everyone starts from scratch and they have to get equipment and other objects to save their skins against dozens of rivals. Forget the parachute in Realm Royale, here you simply choose the place and descend to the indicated point. The difference is basically zero, but do not be scared in your first game, you will not stamp yourself against the ground.

As always, look for Realm Royale Power Leveling, all players start on equal terms, so the first thing is to look for fragments and chests, especially the golds that appear from time to time. Your priority is weapons and equipment, forget the boxes with objects at the beginning, it does not help a potion if you do not have weapons to defend yourself with. Go for the chests. Logically this does not mean you should forget the loot boxes, but at the beginning it should not be your priority.

Realm Royale all the pieces of armor are important, the armor is damaged when you take damage, and repairs (and improves) automatically when taking new pieces. Therefore, always having an armor as little above 100 points is a priority to survive. Control the fragments you have, in order to use the Forge, you can take with you a maximum of 200 fragments. Do not bother trying to catch more.

Realm Royale offers, at least for the moment, five classes to choose from before starting each game. As usual, each offers a series of advantages and disadvantages that, mainly, focus on Realm Royale Fast Leveling when playing. As always we have in this character characters intended for direct attack and support characters. Each class counts, apart from its own abilities, with a passive skill with which you will start your game, and some are very interesting.

Realm Royale forges are buildings distributed on the map where we can create objects. To create these objects we need fragments, of which, as we indicated before, you can take a maximum of 200 at a time. Keep in mind, before going to one of these quite characteristic places, which are a usual place to set a trap: when you start creating an object, smoke comes out of the chimney, which attracts people to the place and of course , someone may be hiding waiting to fill you with lead.

The number of fragments you use in the forge determines what you will get from it. Keep in mind that the crafting time is from 30 seconds to around a minute, depending on what you forge. Potion to recover health / armor: 30 fragments. It takes 30 seconds to create.

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