by on 12 July, 2019

Star Trek Online Credits Hear those geek rumblings? That’s the sound of San Diego Comic-Con appearing on the horizon bringing with it all kinds of nerdy news and teases from beloved franchises we’ll be expecting major updates from in Hall H and beyond. And for those heavily anticipating Star Trek: Picard the new series which brings Patrick Stewart back as an older wiser wine-ier Jean-Luc Picard we have an exciting new image – a poster which gives our best look yet at the returning captain.

Fans are going a bit nuts over the idea of Picard having a faithful canine friend in the series buy Star Trek Online Credits but what you might not have noticed is that the dog represents a neat Next Generation easter egg. If you focus on the pet’s collar you’ll see that he’s wearing a replica of the Starfleet insignia. Written on it is a single digit: 1. Which must mean that Picard has named his dog Number One.

The brand new poster follows on from the epic first look trailer which shows the Starfleet Captain with a four-legged companion overlooking an alien landscape.

Riker was of course played by Jonathan Frakes who’s known to be returning to work with Stewart on Picard in a directorial capacity for a couple of episodes of the first season. Frakes may have teased though that he’ll also be dropping by in front of the camera as well to reprise his fan favorite role.

The show doesn’t have a release date yet but we know it’ll be heading to Amazon Prime in the UK. We’ll have a glass of wine ready when it starts streaming

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