by on 14 August, 2019

Trust me when I say that /two what's the place to be and trolling. It was are you spamming for Pub groups when a few spells were learned in books, oh I remember. And believe I had been there since 2004 for it. But I will say one last thing which  WoW Classic Gold has been nostalgia and previously the memories will never leave me I have Alzheimer's but the fact that you guys and a great deal of individuals wish to try and increase that old sport from the deceased I find it very pointless I do not want to return to those days I love the way that today. I will just queue to get a dungeon everywhere I adore how finally I can accumulate over 400 Mount and pets too Blizzard is giving me something for many of my years of playing World of Warcraft and that could be transmog.

I am so thankful I held onto every Helm's shoulders torso gloves thighs boots weapons and shields there's so many years so many raids how dare you assholes attempt to take away that which is Holy Ground years of playing WoW Classic just because you want to relive in that past. WoW Classic is much better than it was. I had an enjoyable time in classic World of Warcraft and actually I still have all of my original boxes and standing in line in GameStop at 12 pm and after again I say to you quit attempting to tread on the past make it and let it die where it is.

I understand from a business side, but it really sucks for these fans and employees in the west. The majority of the devs they're hiring are for the phone games. Classic is developed so it will get hurt the most. The item is activision could care less. They'll make from these mobile games if WoW Classic completely dries up they would not care. They awakened purchasing Blizzard in this sense. They did not realize program based games would be the way. Its a great day if you like cell games, however if you like computer games its approaching the end of activision pc games. Although I really do anticipate a WoW Classic expansion ever couple years for at least a couple more years.

You know what would have been perfect? If each expansion had something like a"you completed x percent of random expansion". And you get a list of content with that expansion that you havent done yet. And after a particular percentage you unlock do stuff and the next expansion BUT can decide to remain in your present one. It would continue to keep your amount locked for that growth and you couldnt buy items (on the auctionhouse such as ) that you couldnt get at your locket expansion.I understand we have achivements, but (to some noob like me) achivements are just random things you cet charge for, I dont get an overview of just how much of X-expansion I actully finished, and what would still be left for me to do and see.

Go play on servers for 6 months. youll see. Not more than 10 more like 2% of individuals who reach maximum level on server even make it via MC. They all quit playing. Thats the facts. Its NOSTALGIC to level up to 60 AND THATS IT. Its fucking. And everyone. The only men and women who remain are severe diehard fans and IM SORRY BUT YOU ARENT ONE. You reading this right now, you're likely to hit at max level in Buy Gold in WoW Classic and you are going to switch back to modern WoW Classic. Youll see. All your friends will do the same. Your Classic WoW Classic guild will probably be vacant by the time you pay your 4th month subscription that is $15. CLASSIC WoW Classic IS A GIMMICK meant to get one to sub to modern WoW Classic again (they're the same subscription). Thats it.

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