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World of Kings Gold This stunning MMORPG will give you a lot of positive emotions as well as an unrivaled experience from raids and adventures. You are waiting for epic travels in an open world of incredible proportions: 26 square kilometers.

World of Kings has four races: Human High Elves Dwarves and Orcs and nine classes. Each class can evolve into three different types. World of Kings also has a very complete skill system with talents and mastery.

Experience the atmosphere inside the game on a map of 26 square WOK Gold Open seamless can explore every corner on different environments such as desert tropical forest or deep into the cold land In addition Loong Entertainment developers Also invited Russell Brower to make the soundtrack for the game guaranteed works from famous games like World of Warcraft Hearthstone and Diablo 3.

According to the developers the pay-to-win elements have been transferred to World of Kings. The most powerful equipment is given in the dungeons and above all a strong guild and a well-coordinated team are worth relying on.

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