As a China Ultrasonic Core Parts Factory and Ultrasound Equipments manufacturers, Hangzhou Successful Ultrasound Equipment Co., Ltd. focused on design and development of high power ultrasonic products, founded in 1995, is the leading manufacturer of high-power ultrasonic application technology in China, we supply ultrasonic core parts and technical support for ultrasonic complete equipment company, developing new style high-power ultrasonic applications, we have enough strength to provide superior solution including demonstration program, principle test, structural design, system configuration and production of core components.
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The company's transducer products have reached more than 500 specifications and ultrasonic core parts models, which are suitable for various ultrasonic equipment models. A variety of transducers can replace the domestic market share of well-known brands in the United States, Japan and Europe. The company's stock is sufficient and Ultrasonic Plastic Welding For Car Bumpers complete to provide customers with suitable products, and generally can be shipped on the same day.

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