Vic Fangio? Ed Donatell? Rich Scangarello? Mike Munchak? Just who are these guys and how are they going to affect the 2019 Denver Broncos?Take it from me and Mick Klis , with all these names coming to Denver with various backgrounds and from all over the NFL, it’s easy to get confused. Laurie, Tim, and Jess look at the new staff and start to critically eye expectations for the upcoming season in this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast. What’s going to happen with Emmanuel Sanders considering his achilles injury? Who do we expect to depart in free agency? Is there a chance Antonio Brown comes to Denver? If so, would trading for Antonio Brown do to prospects of trading up to pick a quarterback in the draft?More importantly, we seriously get into our favorite stadium experiences with concessions. We can all agree there’s too much damn salt on the pretzels. Old Mile High was awesome because of the closeness, but spilled drinks presented a problem. Also, what’s up with the pizza in the nosebleed seats?All this AND MORE in this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry Youth Jeff Heuerman Jersey , you’ll still not know how to pronounce Scangarello. So how ugly was the Broncos performance against the Raiders? Here are 3 of the more memorable conversations I’ve had during or after the game:Losing isn’t that bad since draft positionThis was a debate a bunch of the Mile High Report crew got into during halftime after Brandon McManus missed another long field goal. The game was 17-0 Raiders but didn’t look that close, if I’m being honest.There was three arguments being made. 1. It’s the Raiders, screw draft position its a lottery ticket at best regardless. 2. Just lose, baby.3. I’m just here so I won’t get fined. How it goes, it goes.These debates turned into a QB discussion, which got me thinking that its probably time I finally start digging into the 2019 QB crop to see what’s really out there. Normally I put off college scouting until after the season’s over, but its been over for a couple weeks now in all reality. Would this team be better if they had kept Trevor Siemian? I started this, but I swear I wasn’t trolling. Right after Keenum threw his first pick I thought about that huge cap number and wondered if $20 million would have been better spent on keeping Aqib Talib or signing a safety to play over Darian Stewart (like Eric Reid who’s playing for less than $1.5 million). Easy to say what if now and Keenum has been markedly better than Siemian, but 20 times better is a bit of a stretch at best.You don’t need to pay franchise money to see a guy throw into triple coverage. Luckily the Keenum deal only runs for one more season and it’s beyond likely that the veteran will serve as little more than a bridge to a rookie next year. There’s been talk of Flacco out there but I can’t see Elway eating $10 million to give another $15 M+ to a QB who’s average at best. Still , 15 touchdowns to 12 interceptions and two 30-year old Hall of Fame talents may push the Duke to make a big move for a signal caller. Woof. Will Elway can Joseph on Christmas? I put the odds at 10%, but that could be optimistic considering the short week. So I figured I’d ask Broncos Country: how long does he have after Denver gets curb stomped by the Chargers next week?Your Broncos LinksIf you want a good laugh today, check out this thread:Denver Broncos secure first back-to-back losing season since 1971 - Mile High ReportDenver Broncos: 5 things learned in 27-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders - Mile High ReportBroncos: Futures of Vance Joseph, Case Keenum in peril after Raiders loss | SI.comDwayne Harris scores on amazing 99-yard punt return - NFL.comDenver Broncos 2 winners, 7 losers in historic loss to Oakland Raiders - Mile High ReportArguably the biggest loser of the game? Denver Broncos: The Good, The Bad, & The Elway - Mile High ReportAt the end of the day, it all comes down to the guy building the team. How could he fix it?Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders score predictions: Week 16 - Mile High ReportWho got it right?GIF Horse: My Denver Broncos Christmas Wish List - Mile High ReportWith one more game to go, let’s hope some of these gifts keep coming.Future Broncos: Adding to the wide receiver arsenal - Mile High ReportNFL Insider Notes: Get ready for a whole lot of coaching changes Youth Connor McGovern Jersey , and more from Week 16 - CBSSports.comNFL Coaching Hot Seat: Adam Gase, Steve Wilks, Dirk Koetter | SI.comReport: If(when) fired, Vance Joseph could emerge as a Head Coaching candidate for the Bengals - Mile High ReportReport: John Harbaugh will return to the Ravens in 2019 - Mile High ReportKing: “Real chance” John Harbaugh doesn’t sign extension in Baltimore – ProFootballTalkIf Elway keeps Vance Joseph next year (please no) all bets are he’s betting on Harbaugh in 2020. 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