The one thing which disturbs me with those supposed'game play demos' is the simple fact that the people they have'playing with them' are definitely not the men and women who really are controlling the personalities. Nobody has to even start to pretend that the prime participant foundation for virtually any video game just HAPPEN to seem like 4 phone sex operators who just HAPPEN to like The Division. Has anybody ever played a match of anything where people's voices sounded like they were coming through an expert walkie-talkie system and just happened to sound this polished? A better example would have been to just have actual players play the match and record it, rather than choosing these clear Fan Bait paid Actors. Yes, folks... when you perform with the division, sexy women will talk to you personally and manly, sexy sounding men will give you medkits... Uh-huh. Sure.

Im not excited at all for this particular game. . .we know the way its gont move not even a week to enjoying everyones going to realize how lifeless and unbelievably unrealistic this match is, Division would be a completely different game if Division 2 Boosting worked with Epic Games or maybe just maybe microsoft but ubisoft is crap and washed up they ALWAYS rush there games and try to finish them months and months after launch together with bs dlc's and MANY bug fixes just like Division 1 this game is going to collect dust after a few weeks .

Looks like a fantastic expansion but again this is really a looter shooter and the center is obtaining cool weapons that are unique and looking badass the division is your worst looter shot out there in contrast to destiny anthem warframe or even borderlands trigger here you use real life guns nothing crazy unique about it that you simply look like a typical human you don't look amazing and you won't just like The branch 1 a player who just started the game with with 0 drama time looks the specific same and utilizes the same guns as someone who logged 800 hours to the game not to mention that the division has zero intriguing lore what so ever it's just another match in the US that a real-world city meanwhile games out there have you ever kill God's travel through ancient worlds conquer 200 foot tall titans ( and this is coming from a place of Love I've personally logged 600 hours in the branch ).

Ray Jo Man, you just repeated the exact same thing you said before. This match REVOLVES around the concept of a tactical cover to insure looter/shooter. It matters how you perform it. You can even go into the dark zone to switch the game. There is rogues, tougher enemies, but it provides you better loot and it's riskier. By way of example, Fortnite also revolves around the concept of a battle royals type game which allows you to build. The Division 2 Phoenix Credits is the foundation. Save the World is revolved round a looter/shooter too except that you can build and defend objectives. These are BASES of matches. Doesn't mean we have to do that same thing over and over again.

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