Back in 2017, Jagex announced a new partnership with Improbable to utilize its fancy cloud-powered SpatialOS tech that is very perfect for large scale games with internet functions. That would seemingly be this title, but it is possible that may be something else completely. Whatever the circumstance, we likely will not be hearing about the game for awhile, particularly if Richardsson's linking of the studio is any indicator. Additionally, Jagex can manage to takes it all time.

Rumor: Jagex Developing Action RPG According to RuneScape

However, a recently discovered LinkedIn list suggests Jagex could be working on Cheap OSRS gold .

There's not much known about the key name, apart from how it's a"Runescape Action Role Playing Game". As the sport is an'action' RPG according to RuneScape, it will probably feature new battle mechanics mixed with the traditional RPG elements, like skilling. Last year in March, Jagex announced a new partnership with SpatialOS, possibly to use the platform to get their new name.

Although the origin of the rumor seems accurate enough, there is always the possibility that the job is cancelled before it's even announced. The producer of this sport has worked on numerous projects throughout his career.

While Jagex has launched several games before, RuneScape is by far their most prosperous title. FunOrb, a gaming site began by Jagex at 2008, closed down earlier this year in August. The business also worked on a browser Buy Rs gold named Stellar Dawn, which was scrapped during creation. Recently, Jagex launched cellular versions of OldSchool RuneScape, a long-awaited and well-received accession.

Bearing this in mind, it would make sense for Jagex to create a new game with similarities to RuneScape. Jagex saw great success with all the sport when it started, and to the day, tens of thousands of users continue to play the decades MMORPG. This is, however, only a rumor, and we are going to have to await a formal announcement from Jagex to understand if a RuneScape design ARPG is actual or not.


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