BERLIN cheap jordan shoes clearance , Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- The scandal surrounding Fipronil contaminated eggs in Germany is far larger than first admitted by authorities, a report on Wednesday by the newspaper Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung (NOZ) suggests.


According to the report, 28.1 million eggs contaminated with the pesticide could have been delivered to the German state of Lower Saxony alone. The Germany Federal Ministry for Agriculture had previously estimated that only around 10.7 million Fipronil eggs entered the country from the Netherlands.


The NOZ report bases its larger estimate on an analysis conducted by the state agricultural ministry of Lower Saxony using data from the European Union's rapid warning system.


The ministry confirmed that "recalls for these batches (some 28.1 million eggs) were ordered. "Nearly 17 million Fipronil eggs were re-exported from Lower Saxony to other German states. The latter figure included batches from poultry farms under suspicion as well as those where Fipronil contamination had been proven by authorities.


Lower Saxony's minister for agriculture Christian Meyer was shocked by the high number of contaminated eggs and accused the federal government of inaction.


"The numbers are deduced from the EU rapid warning system. The federal government could have taken a look at those themselves jordan shoes clearance china ," he told NOZ.


As of Wednesday, the Fipronil scandal has reached twelve European countries. Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany are the worst affected.


A total of 180 farms in the Netherlands are confirmed to have used an anti-lice poison jordan shoes clearance for sale , which contained Fipronil. In one case the concentration was so high that Dutch authorities warned against "acute danger" to consumers of the affected eggs.


The insecticide Fipronil is considered poisonous by the World Health Organization and is forbidden for use on animals destined for the food chain to prevent damage to the liver, thyroid and kidney.


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by Peerzada Arshad Hamid


NEW DELHI, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Authorities in the northernIndian state of Uttar Pradesh have ordered an inquiry into policeaction on women students at a leading university protesting againstan alleged sexual assault and eve teasing.


The women students were beaten at Banaras Hindu University (BHU)in Varasani. Outrage over the incident grew after video of policebeating went viral on social networking sites.


The state's Governor Ram Naik Monday said a four-membercommittee under chairmanship of Chief Secretary has been set up toprobe the incidents and action will be taken on the basis of reportsubmitted by committee.


Meanwhile jordan shoes clearance , the state's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has soughtreport from Varanasi Commissioner about police lathi charge onstudents and injuries to journalists during the incident.


Reports said three administrative and police officers wereremoved in connection with the incident.


The womens' hostel at the university has been shut until Oct2.


Protests inside the university began on Thursday after studentsalleged that the university authorities ignored their complaints ofsexual harassment.


The protests took ugly turn on Saturday when police resorted tobaton-charging to chase dozens of students who had gathered outsidethe campus.


The recorded footage showed two policemen beating a femalestudent with sticks after baton charging the crowd. No womenofficers were present. Two journalists were also injured in thepolice action.


Authorities have deployed large contingents of police in andaround the campus to maintain peace and prevent furtherprotests.


The incident has evoked widespread condemnation and oppositionparties have started cornering the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) over the issue.


Meanwhile, protests against the incident were organized Mondayat different parts of the Varanasi town. Reports said over 100people were detained by police.


Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi Monday demanded anapology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the incident.


"The incident at BHU is BJP's version of "Beti Bachao, BetiPadhao" (save girl , educate girl). And, when they (girls) demandtheir rights, beat them up. This incident happened in the primeminister's constituency. Modi should apologize to the students ofBHU and take immediate action jordan 1 shoes clearance ," Gandhi told reporters in Gujarat,where he is on a three-day tour. Enditem


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Reducing costs can be achieved in many ways and perhaps you believe that you are currently doing all you possibly can. You might already be cutting back on your driving, and looking at the prices at the pump jordan 12 shoes clearance , you could also be quite frustrated. You understand that you need to use your car or truck, and there aren’t always things you can do. Residing in close proximity to your employment is not a possibility and getting some other job that is closer to home is highly unlikely either. Not just that, you truly like the job you have jordan 10 shoes clearance , and also the house you live in. Substituting jobs is not always simple, or even possible. In many cases, you have to start at a lower pay grade which would cancel out the potential fuel savings you might realize.

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