?Ouch! Honey I cut myself Danny Ward Jersey , did you see the band aids?? Sure thing! The kid just used them yesterday after football practice, but where did he put them? Now we all know the usual routine. Before you can say ?First Aid kit? all the inside of the medicine cabinet is already on the floor and the entire bathroom looks like a hurricane victim, just because of a band aid that is nowhere to be found. Looking after that small bandage pack Danny Ings Jersey , aspirin tablet, or antibiotic ointment just when you need them, can lead to a real mess and a late night trip to the drugstore.

A well maintained First Aid kit can be the solution for this reoccurring scenario Daniel Sturridge Jersey , plus it can actually save a life someday. You don?t have to be a paramedic in order to use a First Aid kit efficiently; you just need to follow a few simple ground rules:

Know Your Needs

There is a First Aid kit for the car. There is a First Aid kit for the house. There is one for personal use and there is another for industrial use. If you have a minor emergency at home the car kit with its flare and inflator spray probably won?t do the trick. So before you purchase a First Aid kit you should decide how and where you will use it and then buy the kit that fits your needs. Any basic kit should include:

Adhesive Bandages of various sizes
Non Stick Pads
Adhesive Tape
Antiseptic Towelettes
Alcohol Pads
First Aid Cream
Antibiotic Ointment
Cold Pack
Tylenol and Aspirin Tablets
First Aid Guide

Know Your Kit

Congratulations! You?ve just purchased the right First Aid kit. But before you put it in the closet, take a minute or two to go through it. See if all the essential items are included and check if anything is missing. Read the manual so you can be ready for any emergency. If your children are old enough, go through the first aid procedures with them as well. Remember that you can also personalize your kit and add your own emergency medication. If you strain your neck often Connor Randall Jersey , it will be smart to throw in an anti inflammatory gel. If you have kids running around and breaking stuff, add another antibiotic cream and their favorite set of Hello Kitty bandages.

Know Your Kit?s Location

Store your First Aid kit in places that are easily accessible by an adult. By the way, easily accessible doesn?t mean in the garage. The bathroom isn?t recommended due to all the humidity. The kitchen is usually the best place to store a First Aid kit. After you use a kit Cameron Brannagan Jersey , remember to put it back immediately in its original place!

Maintain Your Kit

Check the content of your kit on a regular basis. Add items that have been used and replace items that passed their expiration date. It is also recommended to tape a checklist of items to the lid to help keep track of what is missing. An emergency phone list might also come in handy. Remember that you should keep at least one well maintained kit in your home, an extra kit in your car and remember to take a First Aid kit on family vacations and gatherings.


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