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Dubai, UAE — 28 March 2018 — Ivory Aesthetics has been at the pinnacle of the Dubai facial industry. Those people that had an issue with the skin would go and in just a matter of several sessions the issue could go away. They are number one in facials in downtown dubai and have been keeping this title for years. One would ask what would be the secret that can keep a company afloat for such a long time and the answer is simple and clear: the know hows that have been employed in the end treatment.




From all of the spas in downtown dubai that could be found by the clients none have scored as high and it is truly a blessing to have a place that you can be one hundred per cent reliant on. Shoreh Bagherian, the owner and the head of the company has been engaged in this type of business for a long time and knows well the medical background that can truly restore the skin to what it has been during the teenage years of the person.




People are leaving happy testimonials and reviews on the site due to the fact that their problems have been solved and they loved the attitude that has been enforced upon them during the treatment. Spas in business bay dubai are usually either very expensive or cheap and don’t do a lot to get rid the people of the problem that they have come up with. This spa is the golden middle that encompasses full treatment with an affordable price that could keep everyone happy. The balance of these principles have allowed the company to be truly what it aims to be.




No more acne or dull skin will pester the client any longer because the top treatment with facials in downtown dubai truly word a wonder on the skin. The people from IA adopt the newest technologies and put them at the service of humanity. These services are first thoroughly tested before being put into action. The client can rest assured that everything that happens in the spas in downtown dubai is super safe and won’t have a negative effect on the body in the long run. People that have been there and tried that have left pleased and later have reviewed the service with five out of five stars.






Company: Ivory Aesthetics


Web site: ivoryaesthetics


Address: 1209 Nike Air Force 1 Low Womens Australia , Silver Tower, Akhalij Alterjari 1, Al Abraj Street Nike Air Force 1 Low Mens Australia Cheap , Business Bay


Email: info@ivoryaesthetics


Phone: +971 445 155 54


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