New year, of course, must be accompanied by a new spirit. If you are a student in the final semester, you need to prepare yourself for a successful career in 2020. Summarized from , you need to master these 15 skills for your career to succeed.

1. Written communication

When plunging into the world of work, you must be able to express ideas in the form of written language that is good and right. Because, in a job often communicated with writing, both to superiors, coworkers to clients. At the level of looking for work, the language on the cover letter, CV, and in the written test will be an assessment. When many grammatical mistakes can get you eliminated from other job seekers. Also read: Galvanizing Soft Skills for Generation Z Children Therefore, you can hone this ability by working on college assignments (essays) to the fullest. In any department, you need writing skills.

2. English

In addition to already being able to study English subjects or subjects, it is better if you take the language course. Even better if you read books, articles and watch films in English. Can also write in English regularly.

3. Speech

This problem is often faced by anyone. When I have to make a speech or talk in front of many people would be uncomfortable. Therefore, prepare mentally and hone the ability to speak in public. Learn to convey a message as simple and straightforward as possible. Try adjusting the volume, intonation and gestures. So, from now on you must be prepared if there is a group presentation in the Student Activity Unit , challenge yourself to speak.

4. Other foreign languages

Not only are required to be fluent in English, but now students must also be able to speak other foreign languages. This is not mandatory, but will be a plus if later compared to other candidates.

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5. Can basic math In almost all jobs, there must be calculations.

Even though you don't have mathematics in your department, at work you have to understand basic logic. For example percentage and data calculation.

6. Graphic design, edit photos or videos

This creative ability is definitely needed a lot now. Moreover, many applications for creating layouts . At the very least, it will make it easier for you to prepare presentation material or create a CV.

7. Communication

You must be able to evaluate the way you communicate. If communication is not okay, it can make the work inefficient. One way is to practice communication with many people. You can see different communication styles.

8. Work together

Although trivial, but cooperation is always present in all jobs. So you also need to be able to work with the team. Also read: See 5 Career Tips in the Field of Social Enterprise

9. Adapting

All must quickly develop. Then you also have to be able to adapt. It concerns mental, physical and intention.

10. Willingness to continue learning

Because science is not static, you also need to be willing to continue learning. Many new things that can be a lesson or just add to your horizons.

11. Mastering basic technology

Looking for all information can be from the internet. One of them you should be able to search for scientific journals on the internet. So, mastery of basic technology is also needed.

12. Be ready to face failure

Many people, especially young people who are not ready to face failure. If you want to succeed, you must be able to face it and get up again. This can be exemplified when you are working on a thesis, there are certainly many challenges.

13. Solve problems

If you face a problem, then you should be able to solve it. You also need to be able to see the problem objectively, think broadly ahead and try to find a solution.

14. Self-management

Productivity is not judged by how many hours you spend working, but how much work you can complete well. Get to know the way that works best for you. Discipline in applying daily targets. Therefore, you need self-management so that all work is done well.

15. Positive attitude

This attitude can be assessed through psychological tests and interviews. For this reason you have to get used to thinking, saying, and doing positive things.

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